Diversity in the Western Wildlife Society

The Western Section of the Wildlife Society is an excellent way to learn more about and engage with local wildlife biologists and environmental scientists. TWS recognizes the importance of wildlife diversity, research and education and offers a wide-ranging list of courses, publications and social gatherings. TWS is working to promote more human diversity as well with a diversity committee.

The committee recognizes that diversity stems from not only ethnic and gender composition, but also cultural heritage, life and career experiences, economic backgrounds and abilities.They are committed to continuing efforts to attract, encourage, and fully develop talent from the full range of members.

The goals of the Western Section Diversity Committee are to: 

  • Engage youth to encourage interest in wildlife, conservation, and the field of wildlife biology;

  • foster a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment for members of the society from underrepresented groups to achieve professional development;

  • and increase awareness of the value of human diversity to the society and field at large.

Check out their latest post and short video!

TWS Diversity West