Passionate About Nature Too? 

Involvement and Education for Novices and Experts Alike.

California is considered by many one most ecologically diverse places in the world.  Much of that diversity is driven by the large variety of landscapes and soil types found in California. Primarily separated from the rest of the continent by high elevation mountain ranges, the state has a large number of endemic (known only to this region) species.  Northern California is particularly complex. The lower extent of the Cascade Mountain Ranges intersection with the Klamath and Coast Ranges and Modoc Plateau to the North, with the Sierras and Great Valley complexes further south.  In addition to numerous federal, state and local parks, the area contains the last remaining groves of coast redwood forests, coastal dunes and scrub, serpentine outcrops, specialize freshwater bogs, fens and seeps, vast riverine/riparian complexes, marine and brackish habitats and even high elevation forests. 

The biodiversity of flora and fauna makes it a wonderland for naturalists of every kind.  Plugging in to the local and regional groups for opportunities to learn about any portion or our region or donate time and money towards conservation is rewarding and quite easy to do.  We are still developing this portion of our website. Review the pages as we add links and  contact us for any additional ideas!


Links to trails and maps to get started on finding and enjoying this natural environment.  Learn where you can take your beloved pets and best times of years to visit. 


There are a vast number of non-profit and educational groups in our area for everything from beach clean-up to invasive species removal and even scientific monitoring.


Docent groups, field guides, websites and other resources to learn about the ecosystems and species in our area for novices and experts alike! 

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