In only the first year of operation, TransTerra has already completed a large number or projects for a diverse client base. Biological Resource Assessments, Northern Spotted Owl Habitat and Impact Analysis, USACE wetland delineations, Streamside Management Area studies, CEQA Initial Studies, Retirement, Remediation, and Relocation  Assessments, Invasive Species Control Plans, Environmentally Superior Alternative Reports, Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreements and other Permits and Water Resource Protection/Site Management Plans.


Jurisdictional Wetland Delineations

Streamside Management Areas (SMA), State and Federal Wetlands and Waters Delineationts, Riparian Assessments

Clients: Ohana Grown Farms, Pacific Watershed Associations, Maple Creek Investments, Mother Earth Engineering


Botanical and Wildlife surveys

Biological Resource Assessments, Botany Surveys and Northern Spotted Owl Assessments

Clients: Ohana Grown Farms, PR Professionals, Pacific Watershed Associates, Heritage Grown Farms, Green Road Consulting, Maple Creek Investments, Mother Earth Engineering, Hope Farms


restoration and Mitigation

Restoration and Mitigation plans, Revegetation, Water Resource Protection Plans, Site Management Plans

Clients: PR Professionals, Mother Earth Engineering