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Awarded Willits Mitigation Monitoring

We are very excited to announce that our team was awarded the Willits Bypass Mitigation Monitoring Contract. The contract was estimated at $10-17 Million for five years and includes a range of data collection. TransTerra staff will be able to partner up with both old colleagues and new faces from a diverse group of highly skilled consultants to assist the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District, Caltrans North Region and ICF in monitoring efforts. The Mitigation Bank was constructed by Hanford and though the Willts Bypass project was quite controversial the mitigation bank has so many excited features. Check out the MCRCD Willits Bypass Mitigation page, full of updates, species observations and opportunities to contribute.

Full Mitigation and Monitoring Proposal is located here.

TransTerra Associate Biologist Adrian Macedo and Principal Biologist and Founder, Tamara Camper, have worked with the MCRCD on various projects throughout their careers. The MCRCD has a link to a downloadable field guide and office guide for rare plants on timberlands in Mendocino County by Gordon McBride. Tamara worked on and edited along with botanists Shayne Greene, Geri Hulse-Stephens and Dorothy Mahoney.

Photo Credit-Mendocino County Resource Conservation District

Photo Credit-Mendocino County Resource Conservation District