Help is Here for Environmental Compliance in the Cannabis Industry!

Environmental laws and policies can be difficult to navigate and compliance can be economically devastating. Humboldt County is attempting to help small farmers achieve compliance through the Project Trellis program. TransTerra Staff has years of experience navigating grant applications, assisting with permits, planning and implementing restoration and identifying setbacks and alternatives to projects. We specialize in Items 4 and 7 of the services offered, especially with Loans or Grants for purposes of assuring compliance, permits, mitigation, water storage, remediation, and streamside setbacks.

Read below and contact us with any questions to discuss how TransTerra can help secure assistance for your project. We have combined decades of knowledge related to this region and the cannabis industry with a passion for the continual preservation of our natural resources and understanding of micro/macro economics and the hardships faced by small business. We have brainstormed various ways and reached out to other experienced professionals to design watershed based approaches that are cost-effective, efficient, and feasible. Read the information below as well as documents provided in the links and contact us if you’d like further information and would like to work together to secure projects for funding.



The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved Project Trellis to assist the cannabis industry, and protect future cannabis excise tax revenues (secured by Measure S) Goals include”

  • provide services to populations and communities in Humboldt who were adversely affected by the criminalization of cannabis,

  • to develop a framework for supportive programs designed to sustain and grow Humboldt’s cannabis industry,

  • and to assist cannabis businesses as they work to overcome the financial and logistical challenges of coming into compliance.

Funding for the program will come from local cannabis excise tax revenues, cannabis fines and fees, and state funding via SB 1294.

Program Details

Project Trellis is broken into three parts:

Micro-grant program

This program is aimed at providing capital assistance and business resources to Humboldt County cannabis businesses.

Marketing and promotion

This initiative is designed to promote Humboldt-grown cannabis as a national and industry brand.

Local Equity Program

To serve those communities and individuals impacted by the war on drugs, and the implementation of which also serves as part of the qualifying criteria to receive Senate Bill 1294 funding. A manual was designed to describe the requirements for licensees of, or those seeking to apply to the Humboldt County Cannabis Local Equity Program (CLEP).

The Lost Coast Outpost has various articles available on it’s website.

Here is a list of some services offered:

1. Waiver of fees for Application Assistance Meetings of up to four hours, with the Cannabis Services Division of the Department of Planning and Building;

2. Cannabis Business Development Assistance from the Office of Economic Development, including business planning, loan application preparation, human resource management, bookkeeping and accounting practices and systems, etc.;

3. Deferral of payment of Application Fees for Cannabis Activity Zoning Clearance Certificates or Special Permit or Use Permit for a period not to exceed three (3) years;

4. Technical Assistance for the formation and administration of Road Maintenance Associations for public and private road networks providing access to cannabis activity operations by eligible cannabis equity program applicants or licensees, where such road networks may adversely impact watersheds providing habitat for threatened or endangered species; (This is where we shine!!!)

5. Waiver or deferral of fees for training and certification by the Agricultural Commissioner’s office for Weights and Measures and Pesticide Applicators requirements or certification of scales used in cannabis licensed businesses in Humboldt County;

6. Technical Assistance for the formation of cannabis cooperative associations pursuant to Business and Professions Code sections 26220 -26231.2 the majority membership of which is comprised of cannabis equity program applicants or licensees.

7. Loans or Grants for purposes of assuring compliance with regulatory requirements of local or state permits or licenses that mitigate adverse environmental effects of cannabis cultivation or other activities including, but not limited to: a. Water storage for irrigation during forbearance periods of surface water diversion required by state or local regulations; b. Remediation and relocation of cannabis facilities located within streamside setbacks required by state or local regulation; c. Installation of solar electrical systems to replace diesel or gasoline generator power for off-grid cannabis facilities where connecting to the grid is economically infeasible. (We can help here too!!)

8. Employment skill training for eligible equity participants employed or seeking employment in licensed cannabis operations in Humboldt County