environmental science

TransTerra is Hiring!

TransTerra values strong relationships with clients, other contractors, agencies, and regulators. A balanced and open-minded view of environmental science, planning and policy is critical for these positions.

The following seasonal and year-round work will be available. Positions may be part-time or full-time. Hourly compensation commensurate with experience. Benefits packages are not currently available. Equal Opportunity Employer. TransTerra offers competitive wages as well as schedule flexibility. Applicants please email resume and cover letter to admin@trans-terra.com

Field work

  • Botany surveys (Mar-Aug)

  • Migratory bird surveys (Mar-Aug)

  • Amphibian/Invertebrate surveys (Mar-Aug)

  • Restoration monitoring (Mar-Aug)

  • Habitat assessment (Year round)

  • Wetland and stream delineation (Year round)

Office work

  • Basic file maintenance (Year round)

  • Basic accounting/book keeping (Year round)

  • Project management (Year round)

  • Technical writing/editing (Year round)

  • Keying Plants and preparing botany reports and lists (Mar-Aug)

  • GIS/mapping (Year round)

  • Research/Database Scoping (Year round)

Our ideal candidates demonstrate:

  • a strong interest in restoration and ecology,

  • initiative, independent thinking, and problem-solving,

  • educational background in either botany, wildlife, fisheries, geology or related field, 

  • ability to safely navigate difficult terrain and operate a 4x4 vehicle (field positions only)

  • ability to work independently and as a team member,

  • exemplary work habits, related to safety, common sense, and adaptability,

  • organization and communication skills and experience balancing multiple projects,

  • positive and enthusiastic attitude,

  • writing and editing skills.